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Personal Training routine that will help you maintain your weight

No one can understand your body better than you. That is why it is important that you maintain your own personal training routine before going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Despite working with an expert there are chances that you will generate better results by developing your own plan. The reason is that you understand the requirements of your body. Sometimes the experts misunderstand the goals that you want to meet and that why they might not be able to provide the best guidance. Here is how you can maintain your own personal training routine.

Design your goals

Before start working out, it is important that you set some goals that you would like to meet. The workout goals that you set will be around three major factors

  1. Weight loss
  2. Weight maintenance
  3. Weight gain

Make sure that you know the results that you would like to see after a few weeks that is how you can effectively manage your workout goals. You can take some help from the experts because they will let you know your weight limit you need to maintain after the given time.

Stretching and warm-up

Always start with the stretching and warm-up exercise. We like to spend most of our time sitting on the computer desk. That is why often shortening of muscles happens and if you will do strenuous exercise without stretching there are chances you will tear your muscle or tendons because of the exercise. Stretching will increase the elasticity of the muscles and warm up exercises will improve the flow of blood in your body. In this way, you will be able to work out for a long time without getting tired. Warm up exercises also protect your body from fatigue.


Once you are ready for the personal training it is important that you start with the aerobics. These are special types of exercises that will increase the flow of blood towards your muscles. When the blood flow will improve it will automatically enhance the supply of oxygen to the muscles. Oxygen is very important of the ATP. In case proper oxygen is not supplied to the muscles, ATP breakdown will occur aerobically and you will have to deal with muscles cramps. Aerobics will help to train your muscles for strenuous exercises. When your muscles will get used to the exercise the chances of injury will be reduced.

Resistance exercises

Whether you are planning to lose or gain weight resistance exercise should be an important part of your personal training program. There are different types of resistance exercise but the best one is lifting weights. It will help increase your muscle mass and the stored fats will be converted into energy.

Assure that you wisely select the exercises you will include in the training routine. Pair up your training routine with balanced diet because it will help you maintain your nutritional content. Do not overwork because it will be dangerous for your body.

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