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A1 English Course – An Interactive World of English with Speech Analysis & Certificate


A1 English Course – An Interactive World of English with Speech Analysis & Certificate


We are offering you an online A1 English Course – An Interactive World of English with Speech Analysis & Certificate Course for only £80. Improve your skills, add value to your CV and learn something new, order below to get started.

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Throughout this English for newbie’s course, you will interact with a series of characters through interesting activities and establish stories of real-life scenarios making use of state of the art speech analysis.

The English Newbie A1 Course is the only total online English course designed particularly for self-study which utilizes an attempted and checked curriculum that makes finding out simple. Its distinct, immersive learning experience uses the next best thing to living in an English speaking nation.

The Novice A1 Course is perfect if you know little to no English, with the Elementary A2 Course being the best way to enhance your English if you have previously done a beginner’s course. The training supplies an ideal platform for you to grow your abilities and self-confidence in speaking English in a high quality, animated environment. Developing storylines supply opportunities for you to discover the English, all practised in a realistic context.

How Does It Work?

Through the lessons, you will go around the town of Velawoods and get associated with a series of everyday circumstances. This will assist you to develop language abilities that will be useful in reality. New language is constantly introduced and practised in each of the 39 real-life circumstances such as ‘Shopping in Town’, ‘At the Health club’ and ‘Favourite Things’.

How Do I Research study?

All finding out happens online through a downloadable application, meaning this isn’t simply an expense reliable method to study on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, it’s likewise a time efficient option for people who require to find out English alongside their existing responsibilities. This implies the courses can be suggested with self-confidence to relative, buddies, students and employees of all ages who are brand-new to English and keen to learn the essentials or enhance on what they understand.

Critical Learning Points

By the end of the Novice A1 Course, students will be able to use basic expressions and expressions, present themselves, ask and address basic questions about themselves and have the ability to hold simple discussions along with:

  • Understand and usage of familiar daily expressions and standard expressions to get the important things you require.
  • Introduce yourself and other people.
  • Ask and answer questions about individual information such as where you live, people you understand and things you have.
  • Have a discussion if the other person talks slowly and plainly and is prepared to help you.
  • Find out the fundamentals of names and greetings in English.
  • Find out how to talk about countries, things at home and individuals.
  • Gain insight into utilizing the plural form of words in English.
  • Learn to utilize pronouns like his, hers, she and he.
  • Understand how to use the indefinite article e.g. a and an.
  • Gain an understanding of how to ask and respond to questions.
  • Learn how to supply info about yourself and fill in a kind.
  • Proceed to describe things, individuals and locations.
  • Discuss rates, words for food and beverage and how you would purchase these in a café.
  • Include adverbs like every, in some cases and always to vocabulary.
  • Learn to discuss towns, cities and holidays.
  • Use the topic of celebrations to learn to utilize great deals and find out more time phrases.
  • Understand inquiring about and responding to concerns concerning social plans.

Benefits of the course

  • Practical and engaging lessons that are expertly designed for people who understand little or no English.
  • Terrific self-study practice if you are doing an ESOL course.
  • Hundreds of interactive practice activities boost the 80+ hours of course content.
  • Usage cutting edge Speech Analysis to practice your pronunciation with self-confidence as lot of times as you like and receive detailed feedback as well as compare your pronunciation to native speakers, rapidly developing speech self-confidence.
  • A virtual instructor that will explain key language guidelines in each lesson.
  • Setup is available on any gadget: computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • 24/7 access for 12 months.
  • 24-hour technical assistance, Monday to Friday.

Start a journey towards fluency in English by registering to the Beginner A1 English Course today.

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