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A2 English Course - Complete Interactive Pre Intermediate English Course with Speech Analysis & Certificate


A2 English Course – Complete Interactive Pre Intermediate English Course with Speech Analysis & Certificate


We are offering you an online A2 English Course – Complete Interactive Pre Intermediate English Course with Speech Analysis & Certificate Course for only £80. Improve your skills, add value to your CV and learn something new, order below to get started.

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Throughout this English course, you will communicate with a variety of characters through interesting activities and establish storylines of real-life scenarios using state of the art speech analysis.

The English Elementary A2 Course is the only complete online English course developed particularly for self-study which uses a tried and evaluated syllabus that makes finding out simple. Its distinct, immersive learning experience offers the next best thing to residing in an English speaking country.

The Elementary A2 Course is best to improve your English if you have formerly done a novice’s course. The training offers an ideal platform for you to grow your skills and confidence in speaking English in high quality, animated environment. Developing stories supply opportunities for you to find out the English, all practised in a reasonable context.

How Does It Work?

Through the lessons, you will go around the town of Velawoods and get associated with a series of everyday situations. This will help you to develop language skills that will be useful in real life. New language is constantly presented and practised in each of the 39 reality circumstances such as ‘Shopping in the area’, ‘At the Health club’ and ‘Favourite Things’.

How Do I Research study?

All discovering occurs online through a downloadable application, indicating this isn’t simply an expense reliable method to study on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, it’s also a time-efficient option for individuals who require to find out English together with their existing duties. This means the courses can be recommended with confidence to family members, good friends, trainees and employees of any ages who are brand-new to English and eager to learn the essentials or improve on what they know.

Essential Learning Points

By the end of the A2 course, students will have the ability to understand and speak sentences connected to fundamental individual and household details in addition to everyday tasks, such as simple info about travel and directions in addition to:

  • Understand sentences and common expressions connected to fundamental personal and household information, shopping, where you live, tasks, your lifestyle, and so on
  • Ask and answer concerns in a conversation on a subject you know about.
  • Find out to describe your individual background.
  • Find out to speak in today tense, describing where you are at the minute and asking for things that you need.
  • Ask about everyday products in a store and how to make purchases.
  • Understand details about travel such as requesting for and providing instructions.
  • Practise discussing jobs.
  • Discover and utilize words and phrases free of charge time activities and weekend activities.
  • Find out and utilize food and drink vocabulary in a café.
  • Find out to explain locations and holidays.
  • Discover words to talk about people’s look, character and character.
  • Find out phrases for talking about education and studying.
  • Learn vocabulary for requesting and providing directions.

Benefits of the course

  • Practical and interesting lessons that are expertly created for individuals who know little and what to enhance and build on what they understand.
  • Great self-study practice if you are doing an ESOL course.
  • Numerous interactive practice activities boost the 80+ hours obviously content.
  • Use cutting edge Speech Analysis to practice your pronunciation with confidence as lot of times as you like and get detailed feedback in addition to compare your pronunciation to native speakers, rapidly constructing speech self-confidence.
  • A virtual instructor that will explain essential language guidelines in each lesson.
  • Installation is available on any device: computer, laptop, tablet and smart device.
  • 24/7 gain access to for 12 months.
  • 24 hr technical support, Monday to Friday.

The Elementary A2 English Course is the natural next action after the Beginner A1 Course to improve your English language ability.

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