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Business Administration


Business Administration


We are offering you an online  Business Administration Course for only £200. Improve your skills, add value to your CV and learn something new, order below to get started.


Course Highlights

  • Price: Only £200
  • Course Type: Online Course.
  • Duration: 100 hours, recommended hours.
  • Syllabus: 21-course modules.
  • Tutor Support: Full tutor support included.

The Fine Print

  • Qualification: CPD Cerificiation
  • Certificate: CPD award, exam is not included with the course.
  • Access: Unlimited access for 12 months, option to extend if required.
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphone and Smart Devices.

Course Overview

The administration of a business includes the performance or management of business operations and decision making, as well as the efficient organization of people and other resources, to direct activities toward common goals and objectives. In general, administration refers to the broader management function, including the associated finance, personnel and MIS services.

Some analyses view management as a subset of administration, specifically associated with the technical and operational aspects of an organization, and distinct from executive or strategic functions. Alternatively, administration can refer to the bureaucratic or operational performance of routine office tasks, usually internally oriented and reactive rather than proactive. Administrators, broadly speaking, engage in a common set of functions to meet the organization’s goals. Henri Fayol described these “functions” of the administrator as “the five elements of administration”. Sometimes creating output, which includes all of the processes that generate the product that the business sells, is added[by whom?] as a sixth element.

The Study Process

As the course is completed online it offers students the opportunity to study course material whenever and wherever suitable. You can access course material 24 hours a day and study at a pace that is comfortable for you. Many individuals who study this course are able to work a full-time job while learning, which allows them to achieve their goals of becoming an Administrative assistant.

You can access your course from any device that allows you to access the internet, and receive online support while you train from a professional course tutor. Furthermore, thanks to the flexible modules, you will find the course incredibly easy to navigate through from beginning to end.

Upon completion of your course, you will be required to book an exam and pass, you will then be awarded your Accredited CPD certificate.

Course Syllabus

The Business Administration Diploma Course is split into the following units:

✓ The role of a personal assistant/secretary
✓ The difference between a personal assistant and secretary
✓ Associated job role and responsibilities
✓ Requisite skills required for the job
✓ Manage dates, times and schedule appointments
✓ How to be creative and develop a user-friendly diary system
✓ Use our tips and implement them into the role of a PA
✓ How to plan ahead successfully
✓ How to write a good business letter
✓ How a business letter should be structured and edited
✓ Common mistakes to avoid
✓ How to be persuasive while maintaining courtesy
✓ How to compose and send faxes
✓ How to write memorandums
✓ How to create and send emails
✓ Things to avoid when doing the above
✓ How to make phone calls and speak in a professional tone
✓ Tips on how you should communicate with people over the phone
✓ Mistakes that should be avoided while communicating on the telephone
✓ How to conduct business and represent your company over the phone
✓ What you should look for when booking a hotel for business travel
✓ Things you should avoid when making travel arrangements
✓ How to plan and execute a successful business trip
✓ The role of a PA in booking hotels and making other travel arrangements for business travel
✓ How to set up a good filing system
✓ What you should avoid when creating a filing system
✓ How to categorise, sub-categorise and manage your filing system
✓ Why it is important to have a good system when running a successful business
✓ How to manage your time at work efficiently
✓ What to avoid when trying to get tasks done
✓ How to improve on your weak points
✓ How to identify the importance of tasks
✓ How to make invoices and send them
✓ What you should avoid when making invoices
✓ How to handle petty cash
✓ Why invoicing and petty cash handling are crucial to a business
✓ The importance of customer care
✓ Your role as a PA when dealing with customers
✓ Things you should avoid when dealing with customer care
✓ How to represent your company in a professional manner
✓ How to handle customer complaints
✓ Understand and execute a proper complaints procedure
✓ What should be avoided when dealing with complaints
✓ The importance of a good complaints procedure
✓ How to plan your work into a schedule
✓ The importance of proper work planning
✓ Things you should avoid when planning your work
✓ How to structure your plans for improved efficiency
✓ How to present written documents
✓ The basics of what to include when preparing and sending documents
✓ How to proofread your work
✓ The importance of document presentation and proofreading
✓ How to improve your confidence at work
✓ How you can benefit from improved confidence
✓ What to expect when your confidence improves
✓ Signs of lack of self-confidence
✓ Improve your typing skills beyond a beginner level
✓ Tips on how to improve your touch typing
✓ How to effectively transcribe audio
✓ Mistakes and errors to avoid
✓ Why meetings are important and what they achieve
✓ How you should plan and organise a meeting
✓ Things to avoid
✓ The aspects of a successful meeting and how to execute them
✓ What Microsoft Outlook is
✓ What Microsoft Outlook can do
✓ How it can help you in the workplace
✓ Simple tricks on how to get the most out of Microsoft Office
✓ How to understand the basics of Excel
✓ How to easily navigate Excel
✓ Why Excel is a useful tool for making spreadsheets
✓ Simple ideas for troubleshooting
✓ Understand the basics of PowerPoint
✓ How to navigate PowerPoint
✓ How you can benefit from using PowerPoint
✓ Troubleshooting guide for basic PowerPoint
✓ How to successfully use Microsoft Word
✓ How to navigate around Microsoft Word
✓ Tips and tricks for easy use or shortcuts
✓ Troubleshoot simple problems on Word
✓ The importance of customer communication skills
✓ The most important reception skills
✓ How to handle tasks at work efficiently
✓ What to avoid and how to overcome problems with customer communication


Gain the skills necessary to sit the exam and become fully certified, help your accounting future flourish.

Format: computer-based Objective Test
Availability: Online Exam
Length: 60 minutes per exam
Marking: computer marked
Results: provisional result available immediately followed by confirmation no more than 48 hours later

Further information
Exams are comprised of a range of items including short multiple choice questions, number entry questions, drag and drop questions and other formats. They test all component learning outcomes across the whole subject. Exam fees are not included in the course cost.

On successful completion of the exams, students will become qualified Administration Assistants.

Course Compatibility

Our courses are compatible with all PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices. Our courses have been designed to be fully compatible with tablets and smartphones so you can access your course on wifi, 3G or 4G.

Individuals have 24 months access to the course, it can be studied in your own time and at your own pace.

All exams are completed online and can be taken either during or after the course, all exams are included in the course price.