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WOOCS 2.2.1

Human Resource Management Diploma


Human Resource Management Diploma




Want to make a career of your interpersonal and people management skills? Human Resource Management is the right field for you to be in!

Human Resources (HR), is a fast –growing career field with many lucrative opportunities for those who want to magnify their prospects for a successful career in this field.

Gain the know-how of employee recruitment and selection.

Acquire the best skills and techniques to exceed your personal best with managing your people and get more from employees by keeping them comfortable and enthused to ensure success for growth and prosperity in your organisation.

Add value with your expertise to measure how HR processes and programs contribute to the success of the overall business. A business is only as good as its employees and an organisation’s employees are only as good as the HR team.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

Enrol onto this course and you will be able to provide professional guidance and leadership to any business.

Human Resources (HR) plays a key role in modern organisations and businesses, be they private sector, public sector or voluntary.

Grab this opportunity to play a part in influencing strategic business decisions.

The programme promises to prepare you with skills to meet the demands of integrity, confidentiality and interaction within a professional environment.

The 8 modules will play an important part to your learning interests and give you further scope for specialising as you become more experienced.

At the conclusion of each module there is a multiple choice question assessment. This will help you remember the main points of the lesson and act as a check that you have retained the essential knowledge and understanding of that particular section.

The programme is flexible and can be studied from anywhere, at anytime that best fits around your existing commitments.


This course will prepare you with a broad knowledge of HR strategies, management techniques and an understanding of the importance of people when it comes to achieving success in an organisation.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

Analyse and outline the conceptual foundations of human resource management.

Examine the purpose and strategic significance of roles and activities that HR Management plays in an organization.

Understand the need for Performance Management and how to measure and identify the factors that can influence individual performance.

Gain a better understanding of the broad range of people management strategies that are implemented to suit the needs of a business in achieving its corporate objectives.

Identify the difference between HRM and Personnel Management and get familiar with the roles and responsibilities of HR.

Get to grips with corporate and HR strategy, organisational structure and its impact on business performance. Learn how the structure hierarchy defines the formal channels of communication through which various instructions, notifications and decisions should flow.

Explore organisational culture and the importance of organisations having an ethical culture and social responsibility.

Learn the techniques of the recruiting and selection process works including the methods of shortlisting suitable job candidates. Recognise the importance of an effective employee induction process and understand the purpose of a Contract of Employment.

Get familiar with “employee grievance” and the correct procedure for handling an employee grievance.

Understand the goals of induction, how to design effective training programs and the benefits of external vs in-house training.


  • No pre-requisite required to enrol onto this course.
  • You will gain an endorsed Diploma.
  • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere.
  • The multiple choice question assessment at the end of each module will help you remember the main points of each lesson.
  • This programme is the perfect companion, which will reinforce any other qualifications you already have in this field.
  • Studying this programme will boost your current career status.
  • Development of Human Resource Management
  • Corporate and HR Strategy
  • The Employment Environment
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Integrating New Employees
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Absence and Retention
  • Employee Grievance, Discipline and Dismissal


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