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Tarot Master Diploma


Tarot Master Diploma




Tarot reading is the practice of divining wisdom and guidance through a specific spread (or layout) of tarot cards.

As a Tarot practitioner, you will know your card well, be a good listener, really understand your clients needs, suitable counselling skills, good communication skills and most important of all, excellent intuition.


This comprehensive and exciting Diploma will teach you everything that you need to know to be able to interpret Tarot Cards and to be able to give detailed readings.

  • Understand the origins of Spiritual Wisdom
  • Understand what is meant by the term Destiny
  • Explore the origination of the term Tarot
  • Understand what contributes to a becoming ‘Tarot Master’
  • Explore the origin of the Marseille Tarot
  • Know the 4 elements
  • Recognise the 3 ‘Necessities’
  • Understand the relationship between numbers and the tarot
  • Discover the purpose of the three stages
  • Understand the symbolism of the Divine Mistress
  • Differentiate between numbers and ciphers
  • Interpret the imagery and symbolism of the carious Arcana
  • Understand how to interpret the meanings
  • Identify the positive and negative
  • Understand the history behind the arcana
  • Identify how to avoid illusion
  • Understand the colours of the Tarot
  • Understand the history and mysticism behind each arcana
  • Understand the history and mysticism behind each arcana
  • Understand how to interpret the roman numerals on the arcana
  • Deduce the relationship between the Qabbalah and arcana
  • Gain an understanding of the term ‘divination’ and how it can affect the reading


  • Psychic development will give you some business opportunities. You can start your own psychic business, give advice and psychic readings, cleanse places of negative energies, perform psychic healing and much more.
  • This course will prepare you with the code of ethics and your responsibilities for professional counselling.
  • You will learn a lot about yourself.
  • You will meet new people and this could be the beginning of a fascinating friendship.
  • As a Tarot reader you will be extraordinary and by studying this course you will raise consciousness of your surroundings and the people in them.
  • Your knowledge and intuition can be very consoling and help people to gain a new perspective on their life.
  • Universal law of movement
  • Revelation of the arcana
  • Complementary opposites and logic
  • The Qabbalahs
  • Symbolic colours
  • Yin and yang
  • Numbers and philosophy
  • Mysticism


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